Personal DJ Training With DJ G-TOWN

Do You Want To Be Trained By A Wordclass Deejay?

IMAGINE being trained by one of the best. That would really shortcut
your learning curve, and DJ-ing is something that really needs to be learned!

Lucky you…

You can to be trained by DJ G-TOWN whether you are a beginner
of have been DJ-ing for a while. You can now get trained by DJ G-TOWN.

This can be done from where ever you are in the world

How Will I Be Trained?

Trainigs are being done through Skype, Oovoo or any other live communication platform.
When you sign up you’ll receive a video of 30 minutes where
DJ G-TOWN explaining the basics.

We urge you to watch it so that on your session with DJ G-TOWN you can
understand the basics already, and you are familiar with is use
of language.

How can I Apply For The Private Training

You can apply by click on the sign up link on this page
or you can click on the Book Now button that is also on this page.

The investment for 2 hour trainings is $100,-.

We do 2 sessions of each 1 hour and the first 10 minutes of the introduction is FREE.

Click here to book your sessions with DJ G-TOWN and get trained by a PRO!